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From Katavasov country

At the edge of England, in fairyland Kotavasio, in the royal family of the cat dynasty the Catsvangs there lived an unusual cat. He was bright purple with a green spot on the smooth back. His name was Kempris. Of course, like all the young males, he wanted to reign in the fairyland. But first he decided to make a trip around the Russian Empire, because he heard much about the vast expanses of the Russian land. And also he wanted to meet a Russian beauty, but it was his cherished dream, and is unlikely to discuss it with anyone.
However, once he let it out to his classmate Johann, the son of Heken II, king-cat Stamm V, Since then, much water has flowed. Their friendship had cracked at the time when Heken II cleverly wormed his way into the confidence of Catsvangs, he offered his services for the protection of the land and nearly cranked fraud and stripped Kotavasio a large part of the land. The whole Heken family, was hounded and no one remembered him.
Kempris went to the Ivanovo province by his limousine. Reaching the town of Tyntavda, he parked the car in an armored rugged hangar, closed the hangar with a key, and decided to take a stroll and see the local sights. In the day time he walked along the main street, went to the park, and then when it got dark, he decided to take a walk on the night roofs. What? - A nice deal! From the roofs there is a complete view of the whole town - and the moon is close-close. And the stars and the Big Dipper and the Milky Way.
"By the way, I would drink some milk," Catsvang decided to visit the night milk bar, and wanted to jump off the roof, when suddenly smelled the space burning. The sky suddenly got dark. There were no stars. He got frightened, pursed his fluffy, white and pink spotted tail, and put his muzzle under the paws.
However, the smell of burning was amplifying every second. Kempris rushed downstairs and found himself near the luxurious castle with a tall fence.
It was terrible to look at the sky - something unimaginable was coming. And then a meteor rain began. All the cats-lords, who half an hour ago strolled along the embankment of the river Mpoln, were running with the lightning speed to their castles.
Only poor Kempris had nowhere to run — he knew no one in this town. Suddenly he saw the sign "Cat'sbomb shelter" and rushed forward without hesitation. Wow! Having Hidden in the farthest corner, he was praying to Cat's God Catotamipiy so that everything ended well and no one was hurt. The prayer did not last long – it was noisyCat's bomb shelter. And what a smell there was in the room! There lived stray cats in the building. Meowing, groans could be heard from everywhere. Kempris looked back.
In the far corner he saw a beautiful stranger. She was reddish. Kempris got aguainted with a nice little cat. Her name was Jualina. Kempris felt that he fell in love with her at first sight. He asked Jualina:
How old are you?
The Cat-girl replied proudly:
- I am nineteen years old, I'm from the Boddon family, the royal blood! flows in my veins.
Kempris stunned frow her words.
Are are you you from the Russian royal family?
Yes! - Jualina raised her head proudly. - And you?
I'm... let me introduce myself, Mademoiselle! I am Kempris! The representative of the greatest royal Cat'svang's dynasty!
At this time, there was an explosion, some fragments flew, plaster crumbled and all the air got saturated with space and construction dust.
Ah, - the Female Cat she cried, and Kempris decided that he had still impressed her. He turned toward her and saw that Jualina's tail was buried under the fallen down from the ceiling small, sharp shards of the meteor shower. She lost consciousness.
Then Kempris remembered his magic power, which was inherited to all the firstborn Cat'svangs and was in his tail. He waved his tail, caught Jualina and carried her into the depths of the bomb shelter where the pieces did not fall from the ceiling. Having her on the ground, he bent down to a nice little muzzle to bring Jualina round, and was intending to do artificial respiration, but unexpectedly kissed. She woke up to the fabulous kiss, opened her eyes and saw the kind Kempris's face.
The cat was standing leaning over the soft cat's fur. She thanked her rescuer:
-Thank you, you have saved my life. Save my reputation, too!
- Oh! It is a man's duty — to take care of the honor of a beauty! - The hero responded. - But you frankly should reveal your heart and soul!
Jualina told Kempris the story that had happened to her a few days bebore:
According to the tradition, her husband was chosen by her parents, thus the royal families united. Thus, the wealth, increases and the area becomes larger. So Jualina's husband should become the cat, whom she had never loved, and did not want to marry. Of course, to keep the tradition, she was not to argue with the king.
- "What can I do?" - I thought, and decided to escape and be alone with my thoughts before the wedding. So I turned out in the street, escaping from the old groom. And at this time the meteor rain suddenly began.
- This is wonderful news — you are not married! - Kempis brightened.
- I do not know. Such a story... - And then a spark flashed in her eyes, and she realized that she really liked Kempris. - Today I'm not married, but as soon as the meteor rain stops, all the cats will rush to the royal banquet in the honour of my wedding.
- Yes! What a situation! - Kempris whistled. He always liked to whistle, but in the castle it was not allowed. Although hardly anyone from the castle could hear the whistle from the Ivanovo province in Rissia. - Now I'll shake the tail, and simulate a meteor storm! Let them all sit and shiver with fear, because I'm scared to death!
You are so brave?! What are you scared of?
I'm afraid of losing my dream - you, my baby Jualina!
You know, I can not dishonor my father. And this marriage to Honourable Heken II, the cat king Stamm V has been prepared for over a year already. And I was hesitating...
What? You are this old man's bride? - Kempris was amazed.
What kind of manners, Lord Kempris!!!
My beloved! You are saved! One word of love and we'll be together!
Kempris, my feelings can be read in my eyes, but a person of the royal blood on the verge of marriage to the King-cat Stamm V can't confess her love to another! This is the shame on the royal family!
If you were Johann's bride, his son, I could be jealous, but this fellow!
So do you know him?
Yes, Jualina, at that time we trusted the Stamms and almost paid the price for this trust: my father entrusted Heken the stamp print, and I entrusted Johann the dream. My father came out the winner. And now I will come out a winner!
How? - the princess asked.
Ho! As soon as we get out of here, I'll get to my limousine, in two jumps pad in the trunk and offer the king the valuable information of all the vile machinations of old cat Heken in Europe.
After these words Jualina silently looked into Kempris's eyes. And the young sters could not resist the kiss.
They flew out of the bomb shelter on the wings of love. The wedding took place a little later, because everybody was looking forward to the grand arrival of the Catsvangs to Russia on the occasion of the marriage of their first-born to the Russian princess.
Kempris and Jualina lived happily for a longtime. In Russia. Because there is enough room for everyone who comes with good intentions. For centuries, Russia has been famous for good fellows and heroes-warriors. And what a heroic tail Kempris has get, and the fact that this power will be inherited to the Russian princess's son, we already know.

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